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November NEWS

Busy month on RV14 new starts, 3 reported. Also RV8 G-EIGT cleared for flight, hope the test flying is going well.


October NEWS

Busy month, RV7’s CMAP & G-PEEE cleared for flight. New starts on a RV10, 8 & 14A

There’s also an RV fly-in at Netherthorpe 16/17th October.


September NEWS

G-ELWK Jim Devlin’s RV12 ready to fly this weekend 25/9.

G-CLMA RV12 was cleared for flight and new start RV12iS .

LAA Rally had good weather and a good turn out with 739 aircraft in total, 113 of which RV’s. Weather in the north and far south prevented many from getting there. Breakdown of numbers thanks to Nigel of the North Weald Marshalling team   RV3=2   RV4=7   RV6/A=30   RV7/A=26   RV8/A=23   RV9/A=14   RV10=3   RV12=7    RV14A=1

August NEWS

18-Aug, RV12iS G-CLYH has first flight, well done, have fun.

No new starts this month but 2 released to the air is even better. Well done G-RVBJ RV8A and G-JPBA RV6, enjoy.

Glenforsa RV fly-in, 28/29 Aug. Must go to venue especially if you haven’t been before.

Count down to the LAA Rally, 3-5th September Sywell. Slot booking now open.



Robbie Jones’s RV14 G-XIVA has flown making the 4th in the UK. All great stuff and hope to see some of them at the LAA Rally. Quiet otherwise on the projects front, only 1 new start RV14.



Two more RV14 projects and a RV8 registered this month. Also the UK’s 3rd RV14, G-OGAL, is cleared for flight along with a 7 and 8. 

Fly-ins galore taking place when the weather allows. The Glenforsa fly-in was well attended as expected.



Fly-ins starting to happen and a lot planned over the near future. The LAA rally in September confirmed to be going ahead, let’s make it a good one and help the LAA celebrate 75 years.

Another 3 new starts this month, 7A, 8 & 14A.

Vans Hobbs getting close to the 11000 flying count which could easily be reached in the next 3-4 months.

NEW VIDEO: RV builder Steve Hicks talks to FLYER

Flyer will be releasing FLYER Live content as standalone YouTube videos over the coming weeks and months, starting with Jonny talking to aircraft builder Steve Hicks about his Van’s Aircraft RV-14 project, his workshop and motivations. Watch it here.

March NEWS

3 new starts again this month, 2 8’s and  a 3B, all good stuff. Lockdown restrictions easing at the end of the month, be safe getting back in the saddle if you haven’t been flying for a while. 



The UK’s 2nd RV14 has been cleared for flight, G-JGRV. Details in the projects section of the LAA Mag. Hope all goes to plan with the testing.

3 new starts this month as well, 2 7’s and  a 10, all good stuff. Let’s hope the lockdown restrictions ease in the near future so we can go flying again. 


Two new starts this month, a 7 and an 8. G-RVZZ has also been cleared for flight.

The new year has started much as the last ended, in lockdown with next to no flying allowed. Lets hope by the time we reach a year we can get back out to enjoy out toys again.


Only the one new start this month, a RV8. Covid continues to stop play and most things for that matter and looking to do so for a while yet. Hope everyone is keeping well and lets hope the end is in sight. 

Merry Christmas and lets hope for a better New Year.


Hard to keep up with the rate of build even here in the UK.  A 7 and 8 cleared for flight this month and a 7 and 14 new starts. If we could just sort the virus out as quick so we could go flying somewhere other than local.

Always worth attending, GASCo are running their safety evenings online. It’s a full 1 1/2 hours and always something useful to take away.

The CAA are running a BREXIT webinar. The GA one will be on the 26th of November at 1pm. Links on the main CAA Brexit homepage at: when available.

Vans calendars are on sale. Get yours for $5 delivered from Vans 


Another 2 new starts this month, a 7 and 14 and another cleared for flight, RV7 G-CLBG, hope all going to plan with the testing. 

CAA have also issued a statement for the next step in allowing Ab-Initio training in permit aircraft and micro-lights. I think the RV12 would be an excellent candidate for this role and fully expect to see them used in the coming years.

CAA have also initiated a rebate scheme for fitting electronic conspicuity up to 50%, £250 max towards the cost. I know of a few ordered already.

A few of the Van’s crew did a live interview from the factory with SocialFlight Live, where they discussed the Van’s Aircraft factory, technology, business, and a variety of other topics. Check out the replay of the interview session on YouTube! 



Sadly no LAA rally this year. There are moves to try and organise an RV lunch if we can get a venue, possibly Sherburn-in-Elmet. 


As most events have been cancelled this year we can only look forward to next year and the chance to see the newly completed RV’s that take to the air almost monthly. This month we have another 3. RV6A G-MNRV and RV7 G-OVEY. Well done to both of you and hope the test flights went to plan.

There is also a new start RV7 in the Western Isles which will no doubt bring a few challenges getting inspectors and test flights done when the time comes.


RV6 G-UKRV takes to the air. Well done Jim. 

4 new starts this month, 3 RV8’s and a RV14, all good stuff and hope the builds go to plan.

Lots of events cancelled, notably the LAA rally. However some smaller events are going ahead perhaps on a reduced scale. Just keep safe and hope for better things next year. 


UK’s first RV14 take to the air. See flyer report uks-first-vans-aircraft-rv-14-takes-flight

Only one new start so far this month, an RV7. 


** UPDATE **

G-VANZ RV6A flew for the first time 27th May from Sleap. About time Malcolm!


G-OGZZ RV8 flew for the first time on 24th May. Flies ‘hands off, straight and level. Great day! At last some good news, well done Darren, enjoy.

COVID-19 still dominates our flying, but at least some areas and airfields are opening up.

The first UK RV14, G-ORWS, has been clear to fly by the LAA and it will be great to  a report of the first flight.

Otherwise it’s been a quiet month, although G-CDYZ has emerged with new paint.


New starts of a 8 and 10 this month. No first flights and could be a little while with the Corvid-19 grounding everything. Still waiting on the first UK RV14 but it wont be far off once we get free. I have found out that a 7 took flight last year and so there are now 100 RV7’s flying in the UK.

CORVID-19 :- Hope everyone is taking care and looking after themselves and their families during these strange times. Let’s hope a solution isn’t too far off and we can get back to some sort of normality.

There are many events being cancelled all the time but the LAA still hope that the Rally is safe, let’s hope so. The LAA Scottish tour is cancelled until next year which will also be the 75th LAA birthday.


Dear British RV pilots,
The Vans Club de France has the regret to inform you that due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and related confinement measures in France we have no choice but cancel this year’s fly in that was to take place in Biscarrosse (LFBS) on June 5-6-7.
We have already decided that next year’s fly in will take place at the same great location that is Biscarrosse (LFBS) on June 4-5-6, 2021.
Please book these dates in your agenda.
We hope to see many of you there next year, it will be a great gathering of RV fans from around Europe.
Stay safe, and happy landings.
The VCF committee



A UK RV owner has set himself a small challenge. More details on his website







Update on Giles Abrey, the solo pilot flying his VANs RV8 from Thetford to Cape Town.

Giles arrived safely 10-Dec in Cape Town after his epic journey. Appalling weather has been a major

feature of this adventure.

The picture attached shows Giles at Livingstone international airport amongst friends!

Thought you might like to know and support. Check out the link above.

400th G-Reg RV

G-RUVE has taken flight and has become the 400th G-Reg RV to fly by my records. G-RUVE is an RV8 built by John Brady and although the 400th unfortunately a couple have been destroyed, and a few exported to other countries so not all are still flying with a G-Reg, but still a landmark number, roll on 500.

Thanks to a couple of imports we have now passed the 400 mark by 2 but at the time of writing 23/8 these were still in the transfer process.

RV Scottish Tour

What follows is a brief summary of the tour as it unfolded. 18 RV’s, plus 2 want-to-be, turned up at Perth for a week touring. The first day proved to be a wash out due to the weather, however some came early on the Friday and the others caught up on the Sunday. The following week we flew everyday to various locations primarily for lunch and back to base for dinner. On the Sunday afternoon a couple flew over to Bute for a look. Back at Perth we headed to a local inn for diner.

Monday about half the group headed to Campbeltown, the others to Islay. On Islay some visited Bowmore and the distillery. Monday evening was an Indian carry out in the club.

Tuesdays main events were Plockton for lunch followed by Glenforsa mull for dinner, then back to Perth, the beauty of Scotland at this time of year is daylight until 10pm.

Wednesday was pre arranged to go to East Fortune East where the local strut kindly put on a BBQ and transport to see the construction of a 1 1/2 Strutter and then to the Museum with a special visit to Concorde having an ex pilot in our group. For most dinner was into Perth on the bus, although there were a couple of cars on hand.

Thursday most went to Dornoch for lunch, others went into Edinburgh by train. Evening meal, Chinese takeaway at the club.

Friday the early arrivals headed for home, the others split between Dundee and those who didn’t go to Plockton on the Tuesday heading there for lunch, then back to Glenforsa for Coffee, well it’s an RV time machine so why not.

The remainder headed home on the Saturday. All have a great time and although the weather wasn’t perfect we made the most of it and didn’t miss out on much other than possibly heading up to Orkney.

Vernon Millard (G-VMOZ)  organised a Squadron of RV8`s to be in attendance to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Wattisham Airfield, they added a big splash of colour to the event.


RV first flights

Peter Gilmour reports than his, and  build partner Colin Acland’s, latest RV8 G-OCXI, has now flown as of 27th July and so we are only 3 away from the 400th UK RV.

Nick Williams-Jones reports that his RV9A G-RVWJ has taken flight from Blackpool, great news Nick.

David Catt’s RV8 G-RVDC has also had its first flight, well done David, enjoy.

Well done to Ed and Steve with the first flight of their RV8 G-MIRV

And also a couple of weeks ago RV12 G-IZRV took flight.


2000 RV10’s

Van’s announced that they just sold the 2000th RV10 tail kit. See their FB page for details.

Van’s Aircraft have a new look and renewed website with more improvements to come.



LAA Rally stats: 958 aircraft in total or which 130 were RV’s. 4500 visitors.

Attendance : – RV12 – 6, RV10 – 1, RV9 – 27, RV8 – 23, RV7 – 28, RV6 – 34, RV4 – 9, RV3 – 2.

LAA Rally 31st Aug-2nd Sept, just short of 1000 aircraft in total and a good number of RV’s.

Congratulations to David and Shelia on the awards for their new RV7, G-RVDB, was awarded the Air Squadron Trophy for Best Kit-Built Aircraft, and the Andy Nowicki Trophy for Best RV.