How do I Register for the RVUK website.
There is no login to this site, the login top right is for admin only.

How do I update my details on the RVUK database.
This can only be done by emailing the changes to ian(at)rvuk.co.uk or use the contact me form on the menu at the top.

The RVsqdn Group (ex Yahoo group)
This is a groups.io group, and is closed to non-members.

To join the group you need to email RVSqn+subscribe@groups.io with a few words about why you want to join – eg “thinking of building an RV-8” would be entirely sufficient.

You will then be sent an invite.

There may occasionally be a delay of a few days if away…


The Facebook page is closed to public. Please follow link below and request access.


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