RV first flights

Peter Gilmore reports than his latest RV8 is awaiting permission to test which would then be only 3 away from the 400th UK RV.

Nick Williams-Jones reports that his RV9A G-RVWJ has taken flight from Blackpool, great news Nick.

David Catt’s RV8 G-RVDC has also had its first flight, well done David, enjoy.

Well done to Ed and Steve with the first flight of their RV8 G-MIRV

And also a couple of weeks ago RV12 G-IZRV took flight.

Vans HOBS turns over 10500 flying RV’s.

RV Scottish Tour

What follows is a brief summary of the tour as it unfolded. 18 RV’s, plus 2 want-to-be, turned up at Perth for a week touring. The first day proved to be a wash out due to the weather, however some came early on the Friday and the others caught up on the Sunday. The following week we flew everyday to various locations primarily for lunch and back to base for dinner. On the Sunday afternoon a couple flew over to Bute for a look. Back at Perth we headed to a local inn for diner.

Monday about half the group headed to Campbeltown, the others to Islay. On Islay some visited Bowmore and the distillery. Monday evening was an Indian carry out in the club.

Tuesdays main events were Plockton for lunch followed by Glenforsa mull for dinner, then back to Perth, the beauty of Scotland at this time of year is daylight until 10pm.

Wednesday was pre arranged to go to East Fortune East where the local strut kindly put on a BBQ and transport to see the construction of a 1 1/2 Strutter and then to the Museum with a special visit to Concorde having an ex pilot in our group. For most dinner was into Perth on the bus, although there were a couple of cars on hand.

Thursday most went to Dornoch for lunch, others went into Edinburgh by train. Evening meal, Chinese takeaway at the club.

Friday the early arrivals headed for home, the others split between Dundee and those who didn’t go to Plockton on the Tuesday heading there for lunch, then back to Glenforsa for Coffee, well it’s an RV time machine so why not.

The remainder headed home on the Saturday. All have a great time and although the weather wasn’t perfect we made the most of it and didn’t miss out on much other than possibly heading up to Orkney.


May was quite but made up for in June wit 4 new starts, 2 of them RV6’s, now how has that happened? RV8 G-CKBE also was cleared for flight, but I already knew about that on.


Not quite so exciting this month but for the 2 new starts I’m sure there will be plenty of excitement, 1 RV7 and 1 RV8, enjoy the build.

Van’s videos

There are a couple of videos of Van’s I’ve added to the About page.


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RV Hobbs July 2019

Type Kits being built in the UK Flying in the UK Flying World Wide
RV3 9 4 302
RV4 16 36 1436
RV6/6A 40 105 2659
RV7/7A 91 96 1772
RV8/8A 48 71 1530
RV9/9A 29 57 1128
RV10 12 11 931
RV12 18 16 656
RV14/14A 14 0 106
Totals 277 396 10520