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Fly-ins starting to happen and a lot planned over the near future. The LAA rally in September confirmed to be going ahead, let’s make it a good one and help the LAA celebrate 75 years.

Another 3 new starts this month, 7A, 8 & 14A.

Vans Hobbs getting close to the 11000 flying count which could easily be reached in the next 3-4 months.

NEW VIDEO: RV builder Steve Hicks talks to FLYER

Flyer will be releasing FLYER Live content as standalone YouTube videos over the coming weeks and months, starting with Jonny talking to aircraft builder Steve Hicks about his Van’s Aircraft RV-14 project, his workshop and motivations. Watch it here.


April NEWS

Further restriction are being lifted and flying is returning to most parts of the UK, at last! 

Vans reports that last year was their best ever for sales and this year has started even better. In the UK there are 3 new starts this month, a 7, 12is and 14.  Also cleared for flight are G-CLAO, RV7, and G-FLNT, RV8. All the best to all starting out or about to see their hard work take to the air.



G-MIRV at the 2019 LAA Rally

G-MIRV at the 2019 LAA Rally

Ed Hicks and Steve Ayres awarded Best RV with their superb RV-8 at the 2019 LAA Rally.

 Total number of RV`s present at the rally from 29th-1st was 116, these numbers were taken from the official log from the tower.

RV3 -0, RV4 -9, RV6 -25, RV6A -7, RV7 -24, RV7A -4
RV8 -18, RV8A -1, RV9 -6, RV9A -13, RV10 -4, RV12 -5

Thanks to Nigel of N.W. Marshallers for the numbers and to him and his team for the sterling work over the weekend.




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