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News from Vans. Barb Billman is retiring. Barb has taken care of a lot of our shipping over the years, and has always done so in a efficient and friendly manor. We wish her a long and happy retirement which is well deserved.

To all of Van’s Aircraft family,

It is with great joy and excitement but with a heavy heart that I announce my retirement from Vans at the end of February. As of Feb 19, I will have given Van’s the best 30 years of my life. It has been such an honour and a pleasure to work for a man who is so respected in the aviation industry and who has been such a great employer. I have been so grateful for the opportunity I was given 30 years ago when I applied for a job at Van’s and was hired after being a stay at home mom for 10 years prior while raising my 3 sons. I will truly miss my family at Van’s, not only my fellow colleagues and business associates, but all of our customers that I have helped over the years realize their dream of building and flying their own aircraft.

My position at Van’s has provided me the opportunity like no other to befriend many people all over the world. It is amazing to me that I have touched so many lives in these 30 years and am proud to be part of the Van’s family. I am humbled by the support and kind words given to me by my customers over the years and especially on the Facebook post celebrating my 29th anniversary. I have truly enjoyed working at Van’s Aircraft. I’ve had so much fun in my job and have learned so much from my customers about perseverance to realize your dreams.

As I prepare to start the next chapter in my life, I will remember those who through tremendous odds whether from age, illness, death of loved ones, job loss, etc… still persevered to build and fly their own aircraft even if it took many years to do so. You guys are a real testament to the adage that “if there is a will, there is a way”. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to serve you these past 30 years. I am proud to have worked for such a great company that has brought so much joy to others, and am especially grateful for you allowing me to be part of your dreams. I can only hope that I served you well. I will truly miss you all. Goodbye. 



The UK’s 2nd RV14 has been cleared for flight, G-JGRV. Details in the projects section of the LAA Mag. Hope all goes to plan with the testing.

3 new starts this month as well, 2 7’s and  a 10, all good stuff. Let’s hope the lockdown restrictions ease in the near future so we can go flying again. 


Two new starts this month, a 7 and an 8. G-RVZZ has also been cleared for flight.

The new year has started much as the last ended, in lockdown with next to no flying allowed. Lets hope by the time we reach a year we can get back out to enjoy out toys again.


Only the one new start this month, a RV8. Covid continues to stop play and most things for that matter and looking to do so for a while yet. Hope everyone is keeping well and lets hope the end is in sight. 

Merry Christmas and lets hope for a better New Year.



Hard to keep up with the rate of build even here in the UK.  A 7 and 8 cleared for flight this month and a 7 and 14 new starts. If we could just sort the virus out as quick so we could go flying somewhere other than local.

Always worth attending, GASCo are running their safety evenings online. It’s a full 1 1/2 hours and always something useful to take away.

The CAA are running a BREXIT webinar. The GA one will be on the 26th of November at 1pm. Links on the main CAA Brexit homepage at: when available.

Vans calendars are on sale. Get yours for $5 delivered from Vans 


Ed Hicks and Steve Ayres awarded Best RV with their superb RV-8 at the weekend’s LAA Rally.

 Total number of RV`s present at the rally from 29th-1st was 116, these numbers were taken from the official log from the tower.

RV3 -0, RV4 -9, RV6 -25, RV6A -7, RV7 -24, RV7A -4
RV8 -18, RV8A -1, RV9 -6, RV9A -13, RV10 -4, RV12 -5

Thanks to Nigel of N.W. Marshallers for the numbers and to him and his team for the sterling work over the weekend.



Van’s videos

There are a couple of videos of Van’s I’ve added to the About page.


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RV Hobbs February 2021

Type Kits being built in the UK Flying in the UK Flying World Wide
RV3 10 4 303
RV4 15 37 1441
RV6/6A 39 108 2691
RV7/7A 95 105 1857
RV8/8A 56 77 1582
RV9/9A 29 58 1158
RV10 16 12 968
RV12 19 18 707
RV14/14A 17 2 149
Totals 296 421 10856