Vans Aircraft in the UK

August News

New starts this month, RV14A & RV7. Cleaered to fly, G-IFDA RV6A &  G-SPRC RV8.

Lots of info and photos of the RV15 prototype at Oshkosh available on various feeds and website. Looks like another success in the making for Vans.

Oshkosh record attendance and near perfect weather for the week. Great show if you haven’t been before well worth the visit.

Don’t forget Glenforsa RV fly-in 27/28th August.


July News

RV12is G-NCLA cleared to fly. New starts 2 x RV10, 2x RV8 & RV7, a busy month. Kit deliveries are also starting to catch up with the new batch processing procedures bringing delivery times back to closer to 2-3 months on average.


Van’s Aircraft
The cat’s out of the bag – and here’s what our team has been working on lately. Introducing the RV-15 Engineering Test Prototype aircraft. This airplane was built to evaluate and test the design, and what we’ve been learning from this engineering tool test airplane will result in refinements and changes that will appear in the final kit aircraft design. You’ll have a chance to learn more about the prototype airplane during our forums on Tuesday morning at AirVenture in Oshkosh, coming up in just a couple weeks!

June News

RV12 G-CLSF has first flight.

Two RV8’s and a 4 cleared to fly this month.

May News

2 RV8’s cleared to flight, G-PAPJ & G-YSIR. YSIR from the same builder as LEMI so expect something special.

Details for French Vans Club fly-in posted in event. 17-19 June Biscarrosse. Or at


April News

One more new start this month, a 12is, enjoy the build.

Flyer the online magazine has a new website, go have a look at For the last 18+ months they have a 1 hour live YouTube on a Thursday evening which is also worth a watch.

The LAA “not a rally” will be held at Popham as the usual venue is unable to host this year. There may be an alternative fly-in being planned for those that are interested and a bit further north.


March News

Only 1 new start, a 7, this month, waiting for the start of the real flying season. 

There’s the Private Flyer Show (London) – at Wycombe Air Park, 13th – 14th May 2022 coming up and slot bookings are now open. 


February News

Grant Beattie’s RV-10 – the 1,000th flown!

January News

A 10 and 2 7’s just been registered, one an import the other two new starts.

RV9A built by Nigel Heald G-CSAM has flown.


One new start this month, an RV14.



11,000th Van’s Aircraft RV makes first flight

It’s nearly 50 years since Van’s Aircraft was founded and during the years since the company has become the most successful kitplane manufacturer by far – and the 11,000th RV has just made its first flight.



VIDEO: RV builder Steve Hicks talks to FLYER

Flyer will be releasing FLYER Live content as standalone YouTube videos over the coming weeks and months, starting with Jonny talking to aircraft builder Steve Hicks about his Van’s Aircraft RV-14 project, his workshop and motivations. Watch it here.



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RV Hobbs August 2022

Type Kits being built in the UK Flying in the UK Flying World Wide
RV3 11 4 304
RV4 14 38 1445
RV6/6A 39 109 2704
RV7/7A 96 111 1906
RV8/8A 55 87 1609
RV9/9A 28 60 1173
RV10 21 12 1010
RV12 18 23 761
RV14/14A 27 4 202
Totals 309 448 11114