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February News


Another RV14 cleared to fly, G-OXIV,  also a new start RV10. Good luck to both.

LAA Rally to return to Leicester the usual last weekend of August.

January News

Vans announced that kit prices were having to increase for existing orders by about 30% for airframe parts. Later in the month the engine and prop revisions were published. Reports are that many are proceeding with their projects. Hopefully this will keep Vans in business going forward. 

Happy New Year

After a generally gloomy 2023 between Vans cash flow close to our hearts as well as the ongoing Ukraine and the middle east conflicts lets hope for a better 2024 all round.

December News

Vans aircraft entered chapter 11, hopefully things are starting to look up at bit despite the doom and gloom merchants on various forums. Lets wish Vans the best and for a speedy recovery in 2024 so we can continue getting on with getting on.

November News

Flyer article on Van’s statement 

Two cleared for flight this month, RV7 G-RVBZ, and RV8 G-CMKE. Two new starts, RV12is & RV14.

October News

Quiet this month however we do know that at least one is nearing test flight, G-RVMS has had first engine run. There’s also been a few registered with the CAA,  G-CMYB RV-8 , G-OPTH RV-7  & G-XACE RV14.

September News

Busy month for new starts, 2 14’s and a 9A, good luck with the build. Also RV12 G-SRCB has been cleared to fly, hope all goes well.


August News

RV-7 G-RVBP completed and first flew on 7 July 23. Testing complete and all with the LAA for permit issue any day now.


11,000th Van’s Aircraft RV makes first flight

It’s nearly 50 years since Van’s Aircraft was founded and during the years since the company has become the most successful kit plane manufacturer by far – and the 11,000th RV has just made its first flight.



VIDEO: RV builder Steve Hicks talks to FLYER

Flyer will be releasing FLYER Live content as standalone YouTube videos over the coming weeks and months, starting with Jonny talking to aircraft builder Steve Hicks about his Van’s Aircraft RV-14 project, his workshop and motivations. Watch it here.



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