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25 / 9 / 2016

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Welcome to RVUK, Your site for Vans Aircraft in the UK

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Van arriving at the LAA Rally with Roger Hopkinson on Thursday evening after flying into Heathrow that afternoon.


Van held two sessions in the speakers corner which were full houses and on the Friday night he and his wife had dinner with some of the UK RV & EU owners.






LAA rally, 4000 visitors and 500 aircraft flew in. 55 RV's were in attendance on the Friday with a further 10 arriving on the Saturday and Sunday. Not quite the 130 that were booked in but the weather was typically Brittish. The Van stand had a steady stream of visitors as did the metal work stand in the homebuild tent.


Awards went to :-

G-EGSR - Best RV

G-EGSR - Commendation Certificate, kit built aircraft

G-RVIC - Commendation Certificate, kit built aircraft

With the LAA rally only 4 weeks away we are delighted that Van himself will be in attendance this year to help celebrate 30 years of the RV6(A), LAA anouncement here. Nigel and the marshallers are also going to try and keep the first 4 rows in the usual parking area next to the exhibits for RV's so we can get as many together as possible. Slot booking for arrivals Friday-Sunday are now open on the Sywell web page here.  The AIC is also available here. Slots are filling up so get in quick.

Another 2 UK RV's take to the air, G-IIDD and G-JCIH bringing the total to over 350 UK reg RV's. Excellent, let's see a fair number at the Rally 2-4th Sept. Wont beat Oshkosh where there were over 600 RV's in attendance, well over 50% of the hombuilts were RV's.

G-CIWV RV7 has been flying, well done John, enjoy. There are also the usual new starts, an 8 and a 9 this month, welcome to the build to them.


Oshkosh next week, 30th anv of the RV6 and I know a few are going so hope to see you there.

Just brought to my attention is the Air Race Championship. 


Check out the pilots list, there are a couple of well known RV owners in there.



LAA President, RV6 & RV10 builder owner, Roger Hopkinson MBE.


Roger Hopkinson has been recognised for his hard work in support of General Aviation over the last 12+ years. Full details and LAA press release

G-ELVN, RV7A has flown, well done Geoff.

There have been a couple of SB's issued from Van's the last few weeks. 


SB 16-05-23 RV-12 - Nose Fork Inspection


SB 16-03-28 All RV-3,4,6,7,8,9,10,14 - Cracking of wing aft spar web at the inboard aileron hinge bracket attach rivets.

Royal Aero Club awards this year has more RV owners awarded for the endevours. 

- Roger Hopkinson gets a Diploma.

- Night IFR team a certificate of merit

- Peter Pengilly.

- Mike Barnard

- Steve Noujaim 

Sorry if I missed someone.


Also of note is the PilotAware team.

Well done all, and well deserved.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Vans RV-6, Air-Britain would like to gather as many Vans RV-6 aircraft together as possible at our 37th annual Fly-In. Our Fly-In is being held over the weekend of 18-19 June at North Weald Airfield (EGSX), see for details. Please accept this as our formal invitation to join us at our event.


 North Weald require us to use a PPR system. This can be obtained by phoning The Squadron on 01992 524510 after 14th May. Not needed if arriving Friday 17th. There will be no landing fees for all aircraft throughout the weekend.

 Whilst we particularly like to welcome owners of those invited aircraft, we are always pleased to welcome any Vans aircraft and their occupants. There will be a marquee for all RV pilots and crew to meet up in.


Catering and on-field camping facilities will be available for those wishing to stay overnight. The website has details of local hotels and accommodation, if required.


Downlaod Poster Click here

Raven displayTeam Raven 2016 promotion video : 1x RV4 and 4 X RV8s


Fireflies display



FireFlies : - A new RV4 display team have formed see


G-SPRK and G-SPRX flown by Jon and Andy.

There's a new dedicated FASVIG website which was launched today - 14th April - 


Please take a look, subscribe for Newsletters and Volunteer to help deliver the FAS VFR Implementation Programme.

Check out the 1st class photos on Ed's flickr pages. 

Eds flickr


Chasing the Morning Sun

Chasing the Morning Sun

Manuel Queroz's book telling the story of his round the world flight Chasing the Morning Sun is available from the LAA shop and all the obvious local and internet outlets. Manuel is also available for talks and book signing events if anyone is interested.


"If you haven't read this yet then it's time you did, very well writen and an excellent read." Ian

Service Bulletins

Important Service Information: Please check with Vans and LAA for current SB's.

Summary of last 12 months follows:-

SB 16-05-23 RV-12 - Nose Fork Inspection

SB 16-03-28 All RV-3,4,6,7,8,9,10,14 - Cracking of wing aft spar web at the inboard aileron hinge bracket attach rivets.

SB 15-03-05 RV-12 - Rotax 912 Carb Float

SB 14-12-22 RV-6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10 - WD-631-PC Nose Stop Flange

SB 14-12-06 RV-12 - F1206F Bearing Cracks

SB 14-11-03 RV-12 - Wing skin-to-spar Rivet Wear

SB 14-10-14 RV-12 - Rotax Carb Float

SB 14-09-10 RV-12 - Throttle Return Springs

SB 14-08-29 RV-10 - Engine Mount Elastomer Plate

SB 14-02-05 RV-3, 4, 6/6A, 7/7A, 8/8A Flying aircraft - Cracks in Elevator Spar

SB 14-01-31 RV-6/6A, RV-7/7A, RV-8/8A - Horizontal Stabilizer Cracks

RV Hobbs 21-Sept-16

Type Kits being built in the UK Flying in the UKFlying World Wide
RV3 9 4294
RV4 17 351396
RV6/6A 40 992592
RV7/7A 77 831533
RV8/8A 42 601358
RV9/9A 29 541027
RV10 11 8810
RV12 17 9471
RV14/14A 4 011
Totals 246 3529492

UK RV First Flights



26Aug 2013, the 300th UK reg RV took to the air, G-TPPW 

LAA records 500+ RV's on the books. It appears that some of the early RV3's and 6's weren't logged on the RVUK database and LAA also included the 2 Rockets. Still at a 50% completion rate and a lot still in the active build stage this completion rate should rise as should the total numbers. With this months additions to the build list there are over 500 RV's in the UK.


G-RVIS has first flight making 249 flying G- reg RV's. However as one was destroyed this make RVIS the 250th RV to fly with a G reg. Well done Ian.


The UK's first RV-12 has first flight 5-Jan. And rubber stamped by LAA engineer 'I thought it was perfect - couldn't fault it. Only thing to watch for is the rather flat approach angle even with full flap - it makes a good glider. But all round, brilliant, ten out ten.'


Tim Spurge and Tony Crone are building an RV7 and have invited any RV's to visit them at Great Oakley with possible fly-in later in the year.

UK RV Records

2011 Record by UK RV8 - Around Britain
A new national speed record in a RV8 (G-ZUMI) over 3,500 km in 14 hours & 17 minutes, including 5 refuelling stops on August 24th.




2010 World Record by UK RV7 - London - Cape Town - London

Steve Noujaim beat the record with 3 days 11 hours and 16 minutes. 4 hours less that the previous record, well done Steve.




2006 World Record Attempt by UK RV6 - Around the World

A fact that has been obscured by the delays with bad weather, is that I did get quite a few records established the British record for the circumnavigation in the class, established 9 intermediate distance world records, was the only British registered homebuilt to go around the world ( and by far the furthest a Brit homebuilt has gone) and the fastest circumnavigation by any type of RV. The weather and the AI made sure I am the class second fastest in the world- but I'm happy at that!

Manuel Queiroz

Chasing the Morning Sun is available from the LAA shop and all the obvious local and internet outlets. Manuel is also available to talks and book signing events if anyone is interested.

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