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24 / 4 / 2014

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 Andrzej has sent in a photo of G-GORV just out of paining at Mick Allens. Looks smart.

Busy start to March, 2 more RV8's with permits to test issued and 4 new starts, 2x RV8, RV12 & RV4. Good luck on the test flying and welcome to the new starts.

Events calander starting to fill up. Nice to see the RV formation group training dates are back. 

Important Service Information:


Van's have issued two AD's covering tail plane and elevators. Please see the Van's site for details. 


SB 14-01-31  RV-6/6A, RV-7/7A, RV-8/8A - Hoizontal Stabilizer Cracks

SB 14-02-05 All RV-3, 4, 6/6A, 7/7A, 8/8A Flying aircraft - Cracks in Elevator Spar


Forwarded to me By Andy Hill, this may be of interest to some


"8pm 5 Feb on ITV ‘Midsomer Murders’ is an episode called ‘The Flying Club’.


Much of the filming was done at White Waltham, both in/around the clubhouse and at the airshow there last August.  As ever, the plots are varied and complex, but one theme follows a display team with the filming done of, and on board with, the RV8tors, albeit all pilot shots involved 2 better looking actors than us!


We have no real idea of the plot(s), nor how much of the program will feature the RV8tors footage, but may be of interest to the GA/RV community..."


As January approaches its end we look forward to another year of great weather and fun filled fly-ins. That being said if you have any dates to put on the event calandar please forward the details to ian(at) 


RTW 80The countdown is also on for fellow RV pilot and chairman of the Scottish Aero Club to set off on his charity fund raising round the world in 80 days. The only down side to this is that it won't be flown in his RV but in a Piper Comanche. Full details of the event and if you wish to help sponsor the charities he is raising money for please see


For the more adventurous there is the opportunity to join Dave on some of the legs for a meaningful donation to one of the charities.

Happy New Year. The first post brought the latest LAA mag through the door and please to report that another 2 RV's were cleared for flight, BVLR (noted previously) and REVE. In addition another two kits have been registered, a 7 and a 8. Happy building / flying for 2014.
Any RV events for next year please let me know so I can add to the calander. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and look forward to the new flying year.
RV12 G-OATZ has been cleared fo flight. Hope all goes / went well with the first flight(s).


 G-BVLR takes to the air, exellent news, Enjoy.



October has been a quiet month for first flights however there has been 4 new projects registered, a 4,7,8 & 10. I haven't seen as many new starts in one month for quite a while. The Vans Hobbs is about to turn over 8500 flying RV's which is just an amazing number to think how we got there. On a personal front, after 12 years, my RV6A is finally getting a coat of paint. The flying surfaces are done and hopefully the fuselage will be in the next couple of months, just in time for a spring first flight.


RV12 G-CHTI has been cleared for flight as of August so now we're over 300 G-Reg RV's Cool

UPDATE :- Well it would appear that an RV took flight under my radar a few months ago and so G-TPPW was infact the 300th RV to fly with a G- reg. 
Bob Ellis has sent in some more photos of the RV8tors and the vulcan see them in the photo gallery for formations. Photos taken by Karl Drage - Global Aviation Resource.

rv29926- Aug, It's official, G-TPPW RV-7 takes to the air and as far as I can tell is the 299th UK Reg RV to fly, who's going to claim the 300th? 


"RV7 G-TPPW had first flight today (26th August) with test pilot Andy Hill who was fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone, he will find any inconsistency and will advise accordingly. The aircraft flew without any major issues for 2 1/2 hours (as I am assured all RV's will) although it was still a tense moment to see your aircraft hurting down the runway and take flight." 


RV formation flight with a small addition. Nice one Rv8tors.


Which has prompted me to start a photo gallery for formations.


 I've started a photo album for AeroExpo at Sywell 2013, If you want to add to it please contact me and I'll add them. 


Overall a great event, total RV count TBC but around 70. Weather was good as was the company. Looking forward to the LAA rally, lets try and get over the 200 RV count then, that's still only 65% of the UK fleet.

Ed Hicks has been at it again, this time with Mark Albery.

Check out the 1st class photos on Ed's flickr pages. 

Eds flickr


Chasing the Morning Sun

Chasing the Morning Sun

Manuel Queroz's book telling the story of his round the world flight Chasing the Morning Sun is available from the LAA shop and all the obvious local and internet outlets. Manuel is also available for talks and book signing events if anyone is interested.


"If you haven't read this yet then it's time you did, very well writen and an excellent read." Ian

UK RV First Flights


RV Hobbs 8-Apr-14

Type Kits being built in the UK Flying in the UKFlying World Wide
RV3 10 3279
RV4 17 331367
RV6/6A 43 942526
RV7/7A 70 641350
RV8/8A 43 471230
RV9/9A 27 52903
RV10 9 7657
RV12 13 7312
RV14/14A 0 01
Totals 231 3078625


26Aug 2013, the 300th UK reg RV took to the air, G-TPPW 

LAA records 500+ RV's on the books. It appears that some of the early RV3's and 6's weren't logged on the RVUK database and LAA also included the 2 Rockets. Still at a 50% completion rate and a lot still in the active build stage this completion rate should rise as should the total numbers. With this months additions to the build list there are over 500 RV's in the UK.


G-RVIS has first flight making 249 flying G- reg RV's. However as one was destroyed this make RVIS the 250th RV to fly with a G reg. Well done Ian.


The UK's first RV-12 has first flight 5-Jan. And rubber stamped by LAA engineer 'I thought it was perfect - couldn't fault it. Only thing to watch for is the rather flat approach angle even with full flap - it makes a good glider. But all round, brilliant, ten out ten.'


Tim Spurge and Tony Crone are building an RV7 and have invited any RV's to visit them at Great Oakley with possible fly-in later in the year.

UK RV Records

2011 Record by UK RV8 - Around Britain
A new national speed record in a RV8 (G-ZUMI) over 3,500 km in 14 hours & 17 minutes, including 5 refuelling stops on August 24th.




2010 World Record by UK RV7 - London - Cape Town - London

Steve Noujaim beat the record with 3 days 11 hours and 16 minutes. 4 hours less that the previous record, well done Steve.




2006 World Record Attempt by UK RV6 - Around the World

A fact that has been obscured by the delays with bad weather, is that I did get quite a few records established the British record for the circumnavigation in the class, established 9 intermediate distance world records, was the only British registered homebuilt to go around the world ( and by far the furthest a Brit homebuilt has gone) and the fastest circumnavigation by any type of RV. The weather and the AI made sure I am the class second fastest in the world- but I'm happy at that!

Manuel Queiroz

Chasing the Morning Sun is available from the LAA shop and all the obvious local and internet outlets. Manuel is also available to talks and book signing events if anyone is interested.

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