18th Swedish RV Fly-in Hoganas

15th June 2019 – 16th June 2019 all-day
Haganas Sweden

The following from David Broom.

“Many people had asked me about the possibility of the Swedish RV Fly-in
at Höganäs being run again and I am pleased to say that the Nordvästra
Skånes Flygklubb are once again running this enjoyable event over the
weekend of 15th and 16th June 2019. I have been in discussions with them
since before Christmas and they are very keen for the event to be as
successful and enjoyable as those in the past. They have sent me a list
of local accommodation (in addition to the on site clubhouse
accommodation and free camping on the airfield) and had asked if I could
“co-ordinate” UK interest whilst they promulgate the information to
other European RVers. I know from the interest received from UK RVers so
far that a number of people are planning to make a bit of a holiday of
the event and there are a number of firm ideas for Scandinavian tours
following the event with likely ports of call being Stockholm, Oslo,
Copenhagen and Finland (as well as a possible trip up to the North Cape
for mid-summer weekend if the weather conditions permit).
So, the RV Fly-in itself should be enjoyable with the probability of
making the most of being that far from home either on your own or in
company with other RVers.”

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